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Unfinished Slabs

All slabs are available for sale and are priced by the board foot and quality of the piece.  Significant variations exist and we recommend scheduling an appointment to look at the material in person.  It is stored in Bernardsville, NJ off of Route 202 just south of police headquarters.  Please email for more information.  If you are unable to take a look in person we will try to provide as much information and pictures as we can.

More Unfinished Wood

The images that follow show how much of the wood is left.  Most of these pieces have had the bark and outermost layers taken off.  There are still a lot of pieces that the bark remain intact.  Some of the larger pieces have concrete and metal in them which makes them very difficult to mill but could really be interesting.  Very little has been discarded so there are bins of small pieces that could be used.  There are a a handful of beam shaped pieces that may be perfect for a mantle piece.  The longest branches that were too curvy to be milled have lots of potential.  All of this is available for purchase, all prices are negotiable.  

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