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Before Forged in Wood

After Hurricane Sandy in 2012, our company owners, Dave Schneck and Keith Keiling, decided to work together to clean up and reclaim trees downed by the storm. Their partnership continues today with the creation of Forged In Wood, most notably with their efforts to repurpose the historic 619-year-old Basking Ridge Oak Tree.


In thinking about the lifetime it takes for a tree to grow and the memories it engenders, Dave and Keith envisioned the opportunity to repurpose trees into useful and decorative items. In doing so, the once mighty tree that stood tall and strong in a backyard and may have held a tire swing or tree house of a young child is now transformed into handcrafted items for the home or office.


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Keith Keiling


Keith Keiling founded Keiling Tree Care in 2006. It has since earned a reputation as one of the area’s leading experts in tree care and is known for exemplary service, quality workmanship, and long-standing client relationships.


After graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in engineering and working in the corporate world, Keith decided to pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. He started the business as a side job to put his wife through school, armed with a hand-painted sign and a used chainsaw that his grandfather had given him as a gift.


Between 2006 and 2012, the clients, equipment, and manpower slowly grew even as he was operating the business part time. Just 2 months prior to Hurricane Sandy, Keith decided to leave the starched-shirt-and-polished-shoes corporate world behind and fully immersed himself into his tree business - just in time!


In recent years, Keith has focused on tree care and preservation, along with building a superior team of arborists. One of the most challenging, emotional, and rewarding jobs of his career was being responsible for the removal of the 619-year-old Basking Ridge Oak Tree.

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David Schneck


Dave, owner of David J. Schneck Logging, Inc., has spent his lifetime working with trees and wood. Some would say that sawdust runs through his veins. He is passionate about the outdoors and the natural beauty that it possesses.


Dave is a local select harvest logger, who apprenticed with skilled craftsmen and holds certificates in logging safety and environmental logging. Since incorporation in the early 90s, he has focused on environmental habitat improvement, stream restoration, and timber salvage in Eastern Pennsylvania. He later expanded services into New Jersey and resides in Basking Ridge.

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